Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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The renowned engineering and luxury of the Mercedes-Benz marque can be supplemented with exceptional quality armour, security and communications appointments.

The Mercedez Sprinter  van is a perfect vehicle for larger CIT companies. It offers significant payloads for ATM Cassette and equipment storage as well as for carrying sensitive cargo. The Sprinter van is available in models from 3.55 tonne to 5 tonne. The vehicle is converted to Australian standards and provides ASNZS:1997 G2 ballistic protection to the front or entire vehicle depending on customer requirements.

The Mercedes Benz is also available with barn doors on the rear allowing for forklift loading.

Additional vehicle improvements can be made, such as GPS tracking, access control, DVR, brake and suspension upgrades as well as ATM and storage racking in the rear.

powerplant options:  Diesel 2-stage Turbocharged & Intercooled EURO 5
 Diesel turbocharged & intercooled
wheelbase options: 3250 mm short wheelbase (SWB)
3665 mm medium wheelbase (MWB)
4325 mm long wheelbase (LWB)
load compartment heights: 1650 mm standard
1940 mm high roof
2140 mm super high roof (LWB only)
capacity: from 6-12 cubic metres
payload capacity: 1 tonne
standard features: additional protection for battery and radiator survivability
additional protection for fuel tank survivability
optional features: access control systems
enhanced brakes
reinforced suspension
aux battery for dvr and access control equipment
run-flat tyres
rear air conditioning units
closed-circuit cameras

Some vehicles with a high GVM may require an endorsed licence. Please check the relevant laws in your state.