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Craig International Ballistics manufactures lightweight NIJ IIIA covert and overt body armour (BRV) for security, military and police use.

Covert armour is worn under the clothing and gives the wearer an element of surprise, as well as protection when attacked. The assailant does not normally expect the victim to survive.

Overt armour is worn when surprise has been lost and the threat is evident to both sides. Its main function is to protect the wearer and can also be used to intimidate the opposition. The choice of colour, the style of the armour and the amount that is worn can give a distinct ascendancy to the wearer, as is evidenced by the appearance of a squad of fully protected riot police. Overt or tactical armour is normally used when a high threat level exists.

Tactical armour is worn in a situation where surprise is lost and the wearer needs a form of protection which may also have other practical functions; camouflage, MOLLE load carrying or identification; e.g. POLICE, SECURITY & CUSTOMS.

Officer Keychains/Lanyards are manufactured for and used by prison guards in correctional facilities.