Bullet Resistant Glass (BRG)

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Craig International Ballistics is the exclusive distributor of American Glass Group (AGP) products in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for bullet resistant glass for automotive, architectural, marine, military and security applications.

Bullet resistant glass can be produced in both curved and flat solutions and typical applications of the product are:

  • Cash-in-Transit, Military and Diplomatic vehicles
  • Financial Institutions, Banks and Payroll offices
  • Military guard houses and posts
  • Government buildings
  • Navy vessels

Available in a number of different product thicknesses from 20mm to 105mm to suit protection levels including ASNZS2343 G2, R1, R2, Stanag Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 and NIJ Level IIIA, III & IV.

Craig International Ballistics are also integration specialists, delivering complete glass framed solutions for military use in a number of different protection levels.