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20th February 2019:

Craig International Ballistics nominated for Essington Lewis Award 

Craig International Ballistics is pleased to announce that our organisation has been selected as a finalist nomination for the ADM Essington Lewis Awards.

The Essington Lewis Awards are designed to recognise excellence in industry and the Department of Defence collaboration, working together to overcome challenges or problems – ensuring that the ADF has or will have the materiel it needs, when it needs it, and at a cost that represents value for money.

Craig International Ballistics have been selected as one of two finalists in the category of Major Acquisition over $50m for the innovative work completed on the LAND 125 Phase 3B Soldier Combat Ensemble – Protection Elements program for the Australian Army.

Craig International Ballistics was awarded the contract for LAND 125 Phase 3B in October, 2014, and delivered approximately A$60AUD million of equipment. The project involved manufacturing over 20,000 sets of body armour for use by the Australian Army in training and on combat operations.Craig International Ballistic’s protective body armour solution is a new design that gives Australian Defence Force personnel improved protection against small arms fire, high-velocity fragments and knife attack while being significantly lighter and more durable. This new design was developed by the company’s in-house Research and Development team and is based on experience gained from working closely with the Australian Army over the last 15 years. Extensive testing will certify the new design to the highest Australian and International standards ensuring it meets the key purpose of body armour, that of saving lives.

Chief Executive Officer, James Craig said: “Our organisation is absolutely over the moon with the nomination and very much looks forward to the upcoming awards ceremony.” This perpetual trophy is named in honour of Mr. Essington Lewis, the WWII industrialist credited with cementing Defence Industry as a key economic and capability force. Trophies and certificates will be awarded at a Gala dinner in Canberra in August, 2019.