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Craig International Ballistics came into being as a direct result of its research and development. As a consequence, R&D is a fundamental to the company’s method of operation.

The company is seen as a leader in the development of lightweight armour in Australia, particularly for aircraft use. In-house research and development was responsible for improvements in this product.

Similar effort has been put into the development of our lightweight composite ballistic plates. We believe that our designs are quite unique.

Not only do we continue to develop our products, but we research the needs of customers as well. A number of new lines have come into being as a result. Due to the innovative nature of many of our products, we have found that they often have many more uses than was originally intended.

Research and development is the life blood of any business, but particularly in the field of armoured protection. We are committed to keeping our products at the forefront of development.

Experimentation continues with new materials, composites and manufacturing techniques, to ensure that we remain prominent in our field.

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