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Craig International Ballistics provides armour solutions for all forms of rotary and fixed wing transport for civil, military and law-enforcement applications.

Providing armour for use in aircraft is the most demanding and exacting application. We have demonstrated our ability to satisfy the most stringent of requirements in this very specialised area.

Craig International Ballistics is involved in a number of Defence contracts, both in Australia and overseas. Our products and procedures have been approved for airframe use.

Our innovative designs and strict attention to detail, coupled with some unique engineering applications have resulted in world leading armour designs. Our armour panels are lighter and stronger than those of most of our competitors, while having the same ballistic threat capabilities. Our lightweight aircraft armour panels can incorporate materials such as Boron Carbide (B4C), Silicon Carbide (SiC), Spectra®, Dyneema® and Kevlar®.

Craig International Ballistics works closely with aviation companies throughout Australia and manufactures all types of aircraft armour panels starting from the lowest threat of NIJ 0108.01 Type IIIA. Our IIIA panels weigh approx 4.5kg per m2 and are only 5mm in thickness.

In 2017, Craig International Ballistics signed a contract for the supply of CH47-F removable ballistic protection for the Australian Defence Force.

Dyneema® is a trademark owned by Royal DSM N.V.
Spectra® is a trademark owned by Honeywell Inc USA.
Kevlar® is a trademark owned by Dupont.