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Craig International Ballistics

Since its inception in the late 1990s, Craig International Ballistics has become the leading Australian manufacturer of combat-proven body armour systems through consistently delivering on time, on budget, high-quality equipment.

The company initially developed body armour for use by the ADF in East Timor and after demonstrating success with its early production, and with ADF involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars deepening, DMO began purchasing body armour from Craig International Ballistics on a regular basis.

Craig International Ballistics has now supplied well over 100,000 Soft Armour Inserts (SAI) and hard ballistic plates to both Defence and Local Police Forces and is the largest supplier of police body armour in Australia. The company also specialises in manufacturing armoured Cash in Transit Vehicles and is a distributor of ballistic resistant glass.

Such production capabilities and capacities would not have happened without the company being able to rapidly innovate to meet steadily evolving threats. Craig International Ballistics has a strong in-house R&D capability that includes the testing and evaluation of new design concepts and materials. This internal capability allows quick exploitation of new developments whether in materials, fabrics or production from wherever they originate, in Australia or overseas.

Proven, Innovative and Agile

The critical aspect though is being able to move this high-class research & development into operationally useful equipment. In this, the company has consistently demonstrated an ability to integrate in-house R&D, design and production with an efficient group of external sub-contractors. This well-established process now permits the fielding of new body armour systems and armoured vehicle designs within a matter of weeks.

Success in innovation and production has depended on the company being agile and able to respond swiftly and imaginatively to new demands and challenges.

Intrinsically as a family owned company, Craig International Ballistics must take a long-term, not short-term, view to the development of leading-edge armour systems.

logo_SAI_ISO9001The company is small but with strong relationships across a diverse range of Australian and global companies. This allows the most appropriate manufacturing proficiencies to be readily available when needed while ensuring the key design and production skills are retained in-house across order cycles.

Craig International Ballistics is a forward leaning company that carefully exploits technical innovation and business agility to develop leading-edge armour systems. The result is the consistent delivery of combat-proven body armour systems to the Australian Defence Force and many other customers on time and on budget.