Continuing success with winning Australian defence contracts for protective body armour has allowed Craig International Ballistics to develop a new smart manufacturing facility at Arundel in South East Queensland.

The facility, almost twice the size of the previous building, houses two new key pieces of leading-edge manufacturing equipment: a second computer controlled cutting machine that allows highly complex body armour shapes to be produced and a large, 33 tonne hydraulic press that uses over 4000 tonnes of pressure to make hard ballistic armour plates.

In conjunction, Craig International Ballistics has progressively expanded its skilled workforce to more than 30 engineers, technicians, machine operators and support staff. The combination of the new facility and additional staff means production can be increased to meet the growing demand from military and civilian customers for the company’s innovative, high-quality body armour systems.

CEO James Craig says: “our development of the new Arundel facility reflects the company’s deep and ongoing commitment to saving lives through excellence in military and civilian body armour. Our company continues to grow, invest locally and provide new long-term skilled employment opportunities.”