Craig International Ballistics has made a significant investment in additional plant and equipment to further enhance our capability in producing composite armour panels for aviation, naval and vehicle applications. The newly acquired waterjet cutter and high-pressure spray equipment will reduce the dependence on third-party contractors for our ballistic protection panel business. This ultimately will provide our customers with reduced lead-times, improve quality and lower costs.

Chief Executive Officer James Craig said the “multi-axis waterjet cutter allows us to preciously cut customer orders onsite to specific drawings quickly and accurately.”

In addition to the waterjet cutter, Craig International Ballistics have acquired high-pressure spray equipment from the United States to be able to coat composite armour panels in Polyurea after cutting. The Polyurea application provides a highly durable and water-resistant finish for the product to meet stringent military durability specifications.

Craig International Ballistics’ strong partnership with Rhino Lining Australia has allowed our staff to be appropriately trained in the new spray equipment and access to the Rhino range of locally manufactured products.