Australian soldiers serving with the Reconstruction Task Force (RTF) in Afghanistan have successfully repelled a prolonged attack by a group of up to 80 Taliban extremists. This was the sixth sustained attack on RTF soldiers since July this year and involved their heaviest fighting yet.

Australia has deployed an ADF Reconstruction Task Force (RTF), consisting of a combined arms team, to the Oruzgan Province in Southern Afghanistan as part of Operation SLIPPER. The RTF is in partnership with the Netherlands Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) and forms part of the NATO- led International Security Assistance Force.

The RTF has a clearly defined role to work on reconstruction, improvement of provincial infrastructure and community based projects. The RTF also provides trade training to the local population and military engineering training to the Afghan National Army. This type of assistance is designed to benefit the people of Oruzgan Province well into the future and form building blocks of a stable and prosperous community.

The RTF contains around 370 ADF personnel from predominately Queensland based units. It includes elements to provide command, security, engineering, and administrative support and is equipped with Bushmaster Infantry Mobility Vehicles (IMV), Australian Light Armoured Vehicles (ASLAVs) and armoured engineer plant equipment.

Australia’s contribution to ISAF is an important component of the Australian Government’s commitment to assist Afghanistan achieve a stable and secure future.

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