Craig International Ballistics is pleased to welcome the PPK Group Limited (ASX:PPK), which has acquired a 45% interest in Craig International Ballistics.

PPK is leading the world in the development, manufacture and commercialisation of Boron Nitride Nanotubes BNNT’s. BNNT’s have extraordinary mechanical properties. They are stronger than any metal or carbon fibre, extremely flexible, excellent thermal conductors, optically and infrared transparent, chemically stable, able to withstand extreme temperatures, have neutron shielding capability and are electrical insulators. BNNT’s are considered the world’s strongest and most advanced fibre and offer significant material benefits in aviation, automotive, space travel, power generation, batteries, electronics and defence.

Craig International Ballistics has been in operation since 1999 when it first developed body armour for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and is now Australia’s largest manufacturer of overt and covert body armour and tactical ballistic shields for police forces and security companies, both domestically and internationally.

The acquisition aligns PPK, CIB and the Joint Venture Research Agreement PPK has with Deakin University concerning the potential range of uses of BNNT.